Lasse Eriksen: contrast therapy is gaining attention for its healing effects

Recognition of the healing benefits associated with hot and cold treatments is making contrast bathing a growing global trend. It is increasingly being used to deliver wellness therapies, sports performance and medical interventions, due to the benefits it offers when used for recovery, sports management and health management.

2023, the Year of Sauna in Estonia

Modern Estonian culture is a curious mix of the ultra-modern and the traditional. The sauna is one of those cherished old customs that still occupies a central place in everyday life. Medicinal baths and spas have been used in Estonia for more than 200 years, but the tradition of saunas is still very much alive today.

Aufguss, ritual of aromas

If you like to relax with special aromas and steam, you have to know our ritual. It is called "Aufguss" and is well known in Germany and Northern Europe. Aufguss expert Robert Heinevetter of Aufguss Roots recently organised the event "Grand Aufguss Masters" on 29th and 30th July. On a beautiful lake [...]