2023, the Year of Sauna in Estonia

The estonian modern culture is a curious mix of the ultramodern and traditional. The sauna is one of those cherished ancient customs that still occupies a central place in everyday life.

Medicinal baths and spas have been used in Estonia for more than 200 years, but the tradition of Estonian saunas goes back even further: the earliest written records of sauna baths date back to 13th century.

The year 2023 will be dedicated at Estonian saunasThe most essential aspects of saunas will be discussed: heritage, culture, customs, products and companies, communities and industry leaders.

Information on what happens during the sauna year at www.sauna2023.ee

In addition, every winter, sauna enthusiasts from all over the world flock to the European Sauna Marathon which will be held this year on 17 and 18 February in the Estonia's winter capital Otepää and in Tõrva, which will allow participants to visit different and wonderful saunas as well as enjoy southern Estonia.

The European Sauna Marathon has grown exponentially, attracting visitors from all over the worldas well as a major international media coverageThis has contributed to boosting the country's sauna tourism and industry, while at the same time the rich sauna culture is celebrateda tradition that is deeply rooted in the way of life of the Estonia.

What types of saunas are there in Estonia?

There is a sauna for almost every type of person. If you like it hot, the Finnish sauna is ideal. If you prefer a traditional sauna, then the smoke sauna is the one for you. If you can't stand the heat, the infrared sauna is the one to choose...

Smoke sauna

It is the ancestor of all other saunas. It differs from other wood-fired saunas in that it has no chimney, so the sauna room and the space around it fills with thick smoke as it heats up. Once heated, you will have to wait for an hour or two for the smoke to disappear, until only heat and a light, pleasant smell of smoke.

Classic or Finnish sauna

Known as the Finnish sauna, it is characterised by a dry heat at 90-100 degrees Celsius. The steam is sudden, even overwhelming. For true sauna enthusiasts, this is the real sauna. traditional saunain addition to the smoke sauna.

An important part of the tradition and one that should not be missing in the sauna experience is the milkshake with birch leaves for massaging or rubbing into the skin (containing essential oils, vitamin C and provitamin A).

Sauna with electric heater

This is a quick and easy solution The sauna is suitable for today's fast-paced world, especially since there is no need to carry firewood and the sauna can be adjusted to the desired temperature.

Igloo sauna

Here the steam is provided by a conventional or modern wood-fired heater. In a rectangular sauna, the heat bounces unevenly along the wall and accumulates under the ceiling. The igloo sauna is completely round, with rounded walls; the steam is distributed in a more uniform and spreads more rapidly. Igloo saunas can be found from the islands to the south-east of Estonia, not forgetting the famous Tallinn Igloo Park.

Floating sauna

Located on the water (boat or other vessel), so it is very handy for cooling off after getting out of the heat. Some floating saunas also have a small terrace or barbecue area. The offer of floating saunas is surprisingly broadbut unlike most saunas, this is a sauna that is not a seasonal activity.

Infrared sauna

It operates on a completely different principle than other saunas, as it does not warms up the air, but the human body. The heating process is carried out by infrared lamps powered by electromagnetic radiation. The air is only heated up to 45-55 °C, so the infrared sauna is also suitable for those who do not tolerate strong heat.

Whirlpool bath

It has a social and relaxing functionsaunas have become very popular in Estonia. They are often combined with other types of sauna, such as smoke sauna or Finnish sauna. What makes the hot tub experience great is that the tub is located outside.

And always after the sauna, (a place to share and connect, purify and relax) you will enjoy the feeling of having cleansed your body, mind and soul.

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