Lasse Eriksen: contrast therapy is gaining attention for its healing effects

Recognition of the curative benefits associated with heat and cold treatments is leading to contrast baths are a growing global trend.

It is increasingly used to provide wellness therapies, sports performance and medical interventions, due to the benefits it offers when used for recovery, pain management and whole body rejuvenation.

A growing number of research studies offer a deeper understanding of their physiological effects on the body, as well as of its positive impacts on mental well-being.

Addicted to contrast therapy
The professional sauna master, Lasse Eriksenis a contrast therapy addict and enjoys regular sessions for his own health: "My personalised approach to contrast therapy allows for a whole-body immersion into the experience, creating a complete and enjoyable session that embraces both relaxation and the beneficial effects of temperature fluctuations on the body," he explains.

When it comes to providing the cold element of therapy, Eriksen believes the snow room environment offers the perfect cooling to balance the hot phases of the experience, saying it provides a head-to-toe "wellness" benefit to guests and is refreshing without the risk of motion sickness. "The cold of a snow room is gentle, controlled and comfortable," he explains.

Here Eriksen shares his "perfect" experience with contrast therapy and points out that if a longer sauna session is possible, this can enhance the experience.

Lasse Eriksen's perfect contrast therapy session
"I start the session with fresh air to allow my body to adapt to the environment," he says. "If there is no cooler outside air, I take a light shower to moisten my skin or enjoy some time cooling off in a snow room inhaling the cold air.

"My first sauna session is at a lower temperature to gently introduce my skin and cardiovascular system to the rising heat," he continues. "After this, I might take a light shower at a moderate temperature or return briefly to the snow room.

"Then I gradually increase the intensity of the contrast therapy by increasing the temperature in the sauna and extending the duration of the coldest part of the session, such as the time in the snow room.

"If the environment and my body allow it, I finish with a strong steam session in the sauna (aufguss for example), followed by a bath in a cold environment (either a sea bath, a cold pool or a snow room) where I can apply snow on my hands and skin - as the contrast of extreme temperatures is very invigorating.

"After the intense contrast, I let my body slowly adapt to a normal temperature, either by taking a warm shower or by relaxing in a comfortable environment," he concludes.

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