Aufguss, ritual of aromas

If you like to relax with special aromas and steam, you have to know our ritual.

It is called "Aufguss" and is well known in Germany and Northern Europe. Aufguss expert Robert Heinevetter of Aufguss Roots recently organised the "Grand Aufguss Masters" event on the 29th and 30th of July.

On a beautiful lake in Germany, he gathered the world's most renowned sauna aufguss experts! Among others were: Helmut Haller (South Tyrol), Lai Pang Ong (Malaysia/Denmark), Izabela Zoladz (Poland/Switzerland) and of course the current world champion Robert Zidek from the Czech Republic. The big wellness event took place in the Satama Sauna Park in Brandenburg.

Throughout the year events like this are often organised in the best saunas in Europe, as the fashion for the Aufguss ritual is becoming more and more popular.

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The Spanish Association of Aufguss, Saunas and Spas that promotes the use of these throughout the country.


We are a group of individuals passionate about wellness and self-care. Our shared love of saunas and spas has led us to discover the Aufguss ritual on our travels abroad. Now, we are eager to introduce this tradition to Spain and share its benefits.



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