The Italian company Carmenta designs and builds the SPA of the Hotel Materra in Croatia.

The Hotel Materra is a new structure in a Croatian countryside area. For this reason, in this hotel SPA design and construction, large space was given to panoramic windows in all cabins.
The expert designers of Carmenta have worked closely with the architects and hoteliers to make the SPA environment consistent with the concept of the entire structure. In particular, the team has designed and built cabins for both hot and cold treatments.

Finnish sauna construction with Aufguss

For the construction of the hotel's spa more cabins have been planned. The first of all treatments is the traditional Finnish dry sauna. This environment is characterised by very high temperatures (80-100°C) with a relative humidity between 3% and 6%. Given the generous space available in the cabin and the location of the cooker, it is also possible to use the sauna for the ritual of Aufguss. This ritual combines wellness with leisure, in fact, the sauna master, after throwing water or ice scented with balsamic essences on the stones of the cooker, skilfully moves a towel to direct the steam generated towards the sauna guests.

Design of a cabin with double function: Biosauna and Herbal Sauna

Another of the "warm and gentle" treatments included in this hotel spa project is the Biosauna. This cabin allows you to enjoy a treatment with a higher percentage of relative humidity (20-40%) and a lower temperature (40-60 ºC) to be able to give an alternative treatment.
In this hotel wellness centre building, this cabin is not limited to use as a biosauna, but has been equipped with a tray or brazier where aromatic and balsamic herbs can be prepared. The latter, sprayed by the water mist from the stainless steel dispenser placed on top of the cooker, release their essences which are diffused inside the sauna. This type of treatment is called Biosauna or Herbal Sauna.

Realisation of a steam bath for the hotel

The last warm treatment included in the design and construction of this hotel spa in Croatia is the steam bath. The steam bath is a thermal treatment with a very high relative humidity (85-90% with temperatures between 42 and 47 ºC). We chose to include in the project a stand from our Dream collection with benches and cloud steam outlet in white Corian and walls covered with our Calacatta Gold porcelain tile.

Complete Wellness Routes: Ice Fountain and Relax Zone

To quickly refresh the body after treatments such as sauna and steam bath, an ice source is absolutely necessary. In fact, it is important to always foresee an element that allows a hot-cold reaction in the design and construction of a spa. In this SPA, the designers have chosen to dedicate a circular niche to the ice fountain.
A hotel SPA should always provide a relaxation area where you can relax and integrate lost fluids, so it is important to have a tea mobile, where you can serve teas, herbal teas and infusions with dried and dried or fresh fruit. In the design and construction of this SPA for a hotel in Croatia, furniture for herbal teas has been inserted, in fact, in the relaxation zone where Carmenta has designed and built a salt wall, thus creating a relaxing and suggestive atmosphere that fits in well with the natural environment, the context in which the hotel is located.

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