ISPA reveals spa-goer trends and preferences in 2024

The Founding of the International Spa Association (ISPA) has released the 2024 edition of its Consumer Snapshot research initiative, which sheds light on the behaviours and preferences of regular spa-goers in the United States.

This research series, commissioned by the ISPA Foundation and conducted in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), examines consumer habits, attitudes and expectations.

Key findings reveal a growing perception among regular spa-goers that spa treatments are essential investments for stress reduction and mental wellbeing.

"Understanding the operational value of consumer research for spa leaders cannot be underestimated," said ISPA vice president Crystal Ducker.

"The insights derived from the Consumer Snapshot studies enable industry stakeholders to effectively evaluate their spa offerings, adjust consumer marketing strategies, improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

Spending habits
Among the key findings are discernible trends in spending habits.

Recurrent spa-goers demonstrated a tendency to spend more during each spa visit compared to their less frequent counterparts.

In addition, the report underlines the importance of clarity and transparency around tipping, a factor that is increasingly influencing spa consumers' decisions.

Generation set
ISPA also identified evolving generational trends, with data revealing changes in spa culture and technology expectations.

Generation Z spa-goers, for example, are more likely to be uncomfortable with certain aspects of spa visits, including actions such as selecting treatments and discussing their preferences with therapists.

The report also highlights another potential sign of generational change, as the availability of online booking (which 69 per cent view favourably) and text reminders (which have a positive impact for 66 per cent of spa-goers) are increasingly seen as a positive addition for guests. 'spa experiences.

New preferences
Other findings of the report include consumers' increasing comfort levels with spa subscription options and the integration of spa and medicine.

Nearly all spa-goers (96 per cent) have purchased some type of annual subscription, and more than two out of three spa-goers say that medication-related factors would help them decide on future spa visits.

ISPA members can access the full consumer report in the Consumer Research section of the Research Library, which can be found under the Resources tab on the official ISPA website.

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