Aufguss at the Design Institute of Spain

If in tourism and hospitality Spain is a master and an example to be exported worldwide, in wellness and spa the Nordic countries are ahead of us since, possibly due to their climate, they dedicate more time to wellness activities and treatments in water and heat.

The wellness sector is a very important niche not only for tourism, but also for the design industry, the manufacture of materials and the training of professionals.

In an era where the customer no longer buys products but experiences, as business development professionals and trendsetters we have identified the aufguss ritual, a market niche still green in Spain and quite booming in the Nordic countries.

This leads us to believe that Spain can also compete with these countries, especially in areas where the presence of Nordic tourists and residents is significant.

That is why we have founded the Association Aufguss Saunas & Spa Spainto be a national reference in this sector.

What is the Aufguss in concrete terms?

In the simplest terms, an Aufguss is a wellness experience, a purification ritual that takes place in a sauna. It is conducted by an Aufgussmeister (sauna master), who pours water and snowballs infused with essential oils onto the hot sauna stones and uses rhythmic movements of towels to circulate the fragrant steam jet.

Simply put, the ritual consists of pouring water (often in the form of snowballs or ice) mixed with essential oils onto hot stones placed on the sauna brazier. The water in contact with the stones vaporises, bringing with it particles of essential oil, and spreads into the sauna atmosphere. The Aufgussmeister, through the rhythmic movements of a towel, and sometimes accompanied by background music, directs the hot, aromatic steam in the direction of the guests, creating an intense and pleasurable multi-sensory experience.

What is the relationship between the Aufguss and design?

A designer thinks and designs in order to create spaces that convey emotions. The aufguss is a tool (a ritual) that needs a complex space to be performed. There is no aufguss without a suitable sauna, no experience without a unique environment.

We are a group of wellness and wellness enthusiasts, sauna and spa users who, after having experienced the Aufguss ritual abroad, wanted to make it known in Spain.

Hence the decision to create an association of professionals, bringing together spas, spas and saunas (both as companies and professionals in the sector) from all over Spain to promote the ritual, techniques and courses to achieve the title of Aufgussmeister.

Our aim is that, in the medium term, every sauna in Spain will be able to offer its customers/users the Aufguss ritual more and more frequently and attractively, to give them a unique wellness experience.

For this, we are the first and only ones in Spain to organise official courses with renowned Aufguss Masters who are qualified to practise the ritual in the centres.

We also advise wellness centres, spas, resorts, hotels, villas or residential complexes on the installation of saunas suitable and equipped for aufguss as well as the most suitable materials, components and accessories to make the customer's experience as satisfactory as possible. We are pioneers in Spain in offering this new concept of wellness and entertainment.

We take care of the organisation and promotion of the courses and put the students in contact with the centres that could benefit from their treatments/exhibitions.

The fact that the Spanish Institute of Design is a reference for brands and professionals from all over Spain, makes us feel supported when proposing innovative and creative solutions to our associates, readers or clients.

So we are proud to start this journey together with references such as the Spanish Institute of Design and we invite readers to visit our web site to learn more about the ritual and professionals who are interested in becoming a member of the Aufguss Saunas & Spa España Association, can request more information at

The Spanish Association of Aufguss, Saunas and Spas that promotes the use of these throughout the country.


We are a group of individuals passionate about wellness and self-care. Our shared love of saunas and spas has led us to discover the Aufguss ritual on our travels abroad. Now, we are eager to introduce this tradition to Spain and share its benefits.



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